How to Tell If Your Molluscum Contagiosum is in the Final Stages

how to tell if your molluscum contagiosum is in the final stages

If you have been dealing with your molluscum contagiosum for awhile, and have found a treatment that has been successful, you may be wondering what your skin will look like in the final stages. If you haven't, don't worry - there are many products that are great at treating molluscum contagiosum! This post will take a look at what molluscum contagiosum looks like as it is in the final stages.

Appearance in Early Stages vs. Final Stages

 If you have been dealing with molluscum contagiosum for some time, you are probably used to seeing many small, pink or flesh colored bumps, with a small dimple in the middle. In the beginning, these bumps probably looked very round, smooth, and "healthy". 

During treatment, you may have noticed that the bumps sometimes changed colors or appearance. For example, they may have become more red or a black dot may have appeared in the middle. In addition, your skin may have become more coarse and irritated.

molluscum contagiosum early stage

Early Stage MCV

When you are in the final stages of your molluscum contagiosum, all of your bumps should appear to be receding, or growing smaller. Many may be only raised off your normal skin height level slightly, while others may be even with your skin and only have some slight discoloration. Once all of your bumps look like this, you may be in the final stages.

When you are in the final stages of your molluscum contagiosum, you may also notice some scarring of the skin. This is common and do not panic if you notice it. In the vast majority of cases, this scarring is temporary and will fade over time. ​

molluscum contagiosum late stage

Late Stage MCV

Spreading in Early Stages vs. Final Stages

​When you first noticed your molluscum contagiosum, you probably only noticed a few months. Unfortunately, in most cases, these few bumps probably multiplied and spread to surrounding skin. This is common in molluscum contagiosum and most sufferers notice that there bumps spread before, and even during, treatment. 

As you start to treat your lesions, you may notice that the bumps stop spreading, even if they do not start to disappear. This is a good sign and means you are on the right track to curing your molluscum contagiosum.

In the final stages of your molluscum contagiosum, you should notice almost no new bumps appearing. This means that the disease is no longer spreading and you have almost destroyed it. You may notice one or two new bumps here and there, but there should be no new clusters of bumps appearing at this stage.

How to Handle Your Molluscum Contagiosum in the Final Stages

When you are in the final stages of dealing with molluscum contagiosum, your battle is not quite over yet.

There are some tips you should follow to ensure that you finish the job and kill the virus for good. They are as follows:

  • Continue to avoid direct skin contact with molluscum contagiosum bumps
  • Continue to avoid reusing towels and clothes that can spread the virus
  • Continue any treatments until all signs of molluscum contagiosum are still around (if recommended by doctor or treatment's instructions)
  • Avoid sexual contact until all signs of the virus are gone
  • Apply soothing and anti-itch creams to help soothe the skin
  • Do not pick or scratch any bumps that still remain
  • Continue to monitor your affected area even after all signs of molluscum contagiosum are gone

Final Thoughts

If you are, in fact, in the final stages of your molluscum contagiosum - congratulations! Though it may not be the most painful issue, it is definitely annoying and can be quite discouraging to try and treat and eliminate. ​

Though you have almost eliminated your molluscum contagiosum, there is always a chance it will come back. It is crucial to continue to follow all of the precautionary protocol​ to avoid any further spreading. Don't get lazy now and risk having to go through more rounds of treatment and despair.

You have almost eliminated the problem that has surely negatively affected you for the past few months (at least), now just do what you have to do and bring it home!


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