How to Deal with Stress & Anxiety from Molluscum Contagiosum

stress anxiety from molluscum contagiosum

It can be a stressful time when diagnosed with molluscum contagiosum. Other than discomfort, the virus can cause social anxiety, stress, and even depression. But don’t feel like you have to worry! Follow these tips and tricks so you can feel like YOU again.

TIP 1: Don’t Let it Control You

Get out there! Don’t let molluscum breakouts make you shy away from hangouts or gatherings with friends. Doing what you love and getting out of the house will make you more comfortable and confident if you’re feeling embarrassed. Try planning a day trip with your friends or a movie night with someone special. Fun activities will make you more comfortable in your skin and happier.

If you are worried about what others think, just remember much of your social discomfort is in your head and that you are your toughest critic. It is easy to think people care how you look, but chances are they don’t even notice! Do your best to accept that you cannot completely control the virus, and that’s okay.

TIP 2: Take a Time Out

If your molluscum contagiosum is constantly on your mind, go for a walk or start a new book. Giving your mind something to do will help relieve any anxiety the virus might cause. Try to stay healthy mentally and physically by integrating exercise and relaxation techniques in your weekly routine. Activities such as yoga, meditation, and listening to music can transform your daily life and change your mindset to relieve stress.

Exercise is a natural stress reliever – so take advantage! Setting goals for each day will keep you motivated and set your mind on goals and activities in place of anxious thoughts. Recruiting a buddy to exercise with you can also help!

TIP 3: Stay Positive

Don’t let the virus get you down. Do your best to stay positive and welcome humor into your life. Molluscum contagiosum is nothing to be embarrassed about, and it doesn’t define who you are. Everyone has things in their life they cannot control, and nobody is perfect.

Many people couple a positive outlook with relaxation techniques for a healthier mind. Take this as a great opportunity to grow stronger mentally and become more at peace with your body. Placing yourself in a healthy, positive atmosphere can make a big difference, as well.

TIP 4: Talk It Out

Friends and family can offer huge support when you are feeling anxious. Opening up can help others understand and let you know you are not alone. It is normal to feel anxiety over your molluscum contagiosum, but explaining how you feel can make you realize it’s not as bad as you may think. Another option if you are not quite ready to talk to others is journaling. Simply try writing how you feel for 15 minutes. This can have a similar effect to talking it out and relieve unwanted stress.

TIP 5: Connect with Others

Many people have dealt with the virus and found ways to manage the stress that comes with it. Consider joining a support group and connect with people who are going through this with you. There are many groups online for those struggling with stress and anxiety from molluscum contagiosum, as well as many other viruses and conditions. Do not be afraid to reach out – there are people who understand what you are going through. Many have found methods to cope with the virus and any anxiety it may cause. You may even learn some new ways to treat your virus!

Final Thoughts

Despite the difficulties this virus may bring, remember to keep doing what you love and to maintain a positive outlook. Be open to others’ help and take a time out when you need it. Stress and anxiety as a result of molluscum contagiosum is normal, but it doesn’t have to affect how you live your life.


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